Keep It Simple

I recently saw Into the Wild, a 2007 true-story movie directed by Sean Penn with Emilie Hirsch starring.

Now, I’m not going to summarize the movie – you really need to see it for yourselves – but I have few thoughts I’d like to jot down because, believe me, this movie does wake you up from the routine and makes you question the true meaning of everything you do.

So, what would happen if you just give all your money to charity, quit your job, destroy all your credit/debit cards, the social security number, the cell phone, and hit the road?

Imagine your only fellow travellers are nothing but the road and the wild. It’s ambitious to even think about it, and a few brave souls do it, but once you separate yourself from the clutter of our society, you start enjoying life in a much simpler way: the farther away you go from people and the closer to nature, the happier you become.

Isn’t this the greatest adventure and challenge one can ever get into?

Balancing in between the extremes is indeed very fulfilling as you benefit from both sides. When you go travelling, you just need to get rid of the superfluous “things” and thoughts, free your mind and backpack, get closer to the wild, enjoy the very moment – only then you have been to the ultimate travel adventure.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci


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