Brexit and Free Labour Movement in Europe

Brexit image

Recently Europe and European Union faced a big economic and political crisis which echoed globally. The effect over the economies and financial markets was immediate.

Billions were lost and the British pound dropped significantly.

After all, what does it mean and how it will affect the average European citizen his normal life and freedom of travelling in Europe and the UK? One of the main concerns for the average person is how he is going to travel and if the immigration processes will be affected after that decision.

Inevitably there should be big changes in UK and EU regulations for people travelling to and out of the UK. The perfect example for countries not part of the EU and free movement of people in EU are Switzerland and Norway. Those two countries are not members of the EU but are members of the EU free market and European citizens can freely travel in those countries.

The main question is what restrictions for controlling the movement of labour in order to keep the UK economy healthy and at the same time limit the number of people entering the UK.

From business perspective restricting workforce is not going to be the correct decision as this will make the economy less competitive against other economies providing more cost-effective models. One thing is sure both EU and UK need to find the right solution to secure safe business and easy movement of people.

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