Brexit and Ireland.

Brexit on the map of europe and EU marked

Dublin may provide home for European Banking Authority and European Medicines Agency.

In many ways, Brexit will affect entire Europe even the world. London is home of many global companies and regulatory agencies for decades. If Brexit happens it will lead to huge changes in the political and business climate in Europe. Evidences of this are already seen in the actions of many top-level politicians and business leaders seeking solutions and back up plans after Brexit.

There will not be an industry unshaken or government that will not be affected. One of the countries which are going to be in the epicentre of this event is Ireland.

For decades the UK and Ireland have very well established political and business relations. In the past UK was accounted for more than 90% of the Irish export mainly agricultural products. Nowadays Ireland is not so agricultural country but more high-tech oriented thanks to many US and other global companies. Nine of the top 10 exporting companies for 2015 from Ireland are global US companies like Microsoft, Apple, Pfizer and others.

Recently Irish government officials have demonstrated a willingness to host the European Medicines Agencies. It is a great opportunity for the country to boost the local economy and to solidify its positions in Europe by heaving a regulatory agency at home. Ireland has great experience in the pharmaceutical industry by providing great place for business to many global leading pharma companies like Pfizer, MSD, Abbott and others.

There is a great pool of experts and great very welcoming legislation for foreign investors. Last but not least is the excellent corporate tax rate of 12.5%.

Dublin has expressed strong interests in hosting the European Bank Authority as well. The competition for it will be tough as some other European cities are considered possible homes of the agency. Among the competitors is Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris.

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