British applications for Canadian visa rejected

Many British people, who have applied for a visa to Canada, may be rejected as a result of a huge backlog for Federal skilled visa applications. It is possible that more than 300 000 application from all over the world will be affected.

The Canadian Immigration department has already warned that a lot of submissions made before February 2008 could be returned to the applicants and their cases may be closed, due to a huge build-up.

Visa First announced that this may be unfortunate for a lot of British workers, who have applied during this period because the list of the eligible professions for a Federal Skilled Visa has changed several times since then and this could disqualify a large number of applicants.

“The eligible list of occupations is now so limited that there is no question that British visa applicants will be affected – however, we won’t know to what extent until sometime around the end of July. Overall it is estimated that over 300,000 cases will be closed”. said Edwina Shanahan, Manager Director of Visa First.

She thinks that while she understands the reasons why the Canadian Immigration authorities are trying to streamline the process, she considers the way they are going about it as unfair and potentially disastrous for those, who are affected.

“With such a shortage of a skilled labour force in Canada, it appears counterproductive for the Canadian Government to make this move and those who have waited years for this visa will definitely feel hard done by.

I would hope that the Government’s goal to introduce a smoother running and efficient application process will be achieved and that these visa applicants will not have suffered in vain”. Visa First advises those people whose cases are closed to secure employment immediately, as this will make them eligible for a different type of working visa.

“We are currently in talks with numerous Canadian employers who are looking for skilled employees from the British labour market.

Those with a job offer can travel into Canada with their family on the Canadian work permit. Once you are working a year and have continuous work we can look at your options for a permanent resident visa,” said Edwina. The changes will however not affect the working holiday visa since all the available for British citizens places in  2012 are already filled.

In order to secure a place for the Canadian Working Holiday Programme during 2013, Visa First advises that all people, who are interested, should apply for their Canadian Visa now because the working holiday visa is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. From 1 July there will be a new quota of 10 000 places for a Federal Skilled Visa. People, who are eligible to apply, should fill their applications as soon as possible.

The workers, who are selected, will no need a job offer in order to apply for a Canadian Visa. Once all the available places have been filled a job offer will be needed for other types of Canadian visas.


It's sad to know that you need to apply for other type of Canadian visas even you already have Canadian Visa. Wish they can make an easy solution for this. Autumn

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