Business organizations in New Zealand urge the government to attract more immgirants

Various business lobbNew Zealand Visasies in New Zealand are urging the Government to attract more immigrants. The reason for this is that there are a lot of job places that cannot be filled by the supply that exist on the local labor market.

According to Phil O’Reilly, who is Chief Executive Officer of the industrial organization Business NZ, almost every sector of the economy requires more skilled workers. The Government is currently not doing enough to attract them. Phil O’Reilly thinks that when designing its immigration campaigns to attract more foreigners, the Government should focus not only on the quality of life in New Zealand, but also on the business opportunities that exist for newcomers. He states that every immigrant, who comes to NZ and starts working in a small business might one day end up owning it. Furthermore, he recommends that the bureaucracy that stands between the prospective immigrants and their jobs in New Zealand should be reduced.

In accordance with this way of thinking the Government recently launched Skillfinder – website which connects NZ employers with potential skilled immigrants. According to Mr Peter Townsend, chief executive of the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce, this is an excellent initiative, but there is still a lot of work to be done in this area

Christchurch, which is one of the main cities in the Canterbury region, was destroyed by an earthquake in 2011. The Government described its rebuilding as the biggest challenge, that the country has ever undertaken. There are already more than 300 temporary visas granted to foreign workers who participated in the rebuilding. Mr Townsend, however thinks that this is not enough. He also said that Canterbury Chamber of Commerce has a settlement program, which helps newcomers to integrate into the local community

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