Canada needs Irish construction workers.

The Canadian construction industry is searching for a large number of qualified Irish workers to participate in various constructions and engineering projects across the country. The Alberta-Based Canadian engineering JV Driver, for example, will sponsor the Engineering Village in Job Expo 2012 in an effort to recruit 200 new employees, in order to overcome the severe shortage of skilled construction workers that exist on the local market.

As a result of the abovementioned developments, which are currently happening on Canadian job market Visa First have been contacted from a Canadian Construction company to help in the recruitment of 167 new workers.

Visa First manager Edwina Shanahan stated: “We are currently accepting CVs with the view to calling people for interviews in our Kilkenny office in two weeks. These position need to be filled fast.”

All of the position are located in Alberta and include various positions that range from scaffolders to pipefitters to welders and crane operators.


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Not of course. Everyone who has the necessary skills and qualifications can apply for Australian visa. I wrote Irish, because this article was meant to be for our Irish customers.

Does it really have to be Irish?

I am a carpenter with 18 years experience. I am married with 3 children and would like to learn more about moving to canada to live and work.

Hi I'm a 23 yr old civil engineer worker with 6 yrs experience in concrete pipe laying,waven pipe,enzyme pipe laying also have a great knowledge of concrete kerbing, I am currently working in western Australia until my yrs working holiday visa expires on the 16 of June if my application is acceptable i would appreciate it if you could contact me any time cheers Michael carroll

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