Canada Needs Young and Qualified Workforce

canadian flag

Canadian economy

The Canadian economy is one of the leading economies globally. The country holds the 10th place in the top economies and is member of G7. The leading sectors of the Canadian economy are logging and oil industry. The entire economy is described as service-driven or in other words, ¾ of the workforce is involved in. A big part in the GDP is assigned to the automotive and aircraft industry as well as the engineering, seafood and technology industries. A great advantage for the country is the close trade relations with USA and its huge market potential.

Sectors in need

Having one of the wealthiest economies has its demands and hot needs. The government has encountered huge need for highly qualified young people to fill the gaps in the propelling economy. In order to keep its demographic and economic growth, many regulations have been adjusted to welcome more people from abroad.

The country welcomes each year more than 300 000 people on different Canadian visas. The policy and requirements for immigration are favouring the younger and qualified people. Sectors in high demand of workforce are technology, engineering, healthcare and many others.

Canadian visa programs

There are many visa programs designed to attract young professionals in Canada. One of them is the Canadian Working Holiday/IEC program. It allows young people up to 35 years to visit, work and travel in Canada. Another visa that grants access to the country and the right to work there is the so-called Canadian work permit.

It gives the opportunity the applicant to work for the time of his/her contract with an option to be extended. Canada young professionals visa is granted to post-graduated Irish citizens who would like to get further experience with a prearranged contract with an employer from Canada. The stay could be up to 24 months.

If you want to apply for a Canadian visa you need to identify what requirements and documents are required for that purpose. Usually, the process of preparing the needed documents is not so simple and it needs a good knowledge of the procedures for the application process.

The preparation of the documents in the needed form for approval is also a thing to be well considered. Having good experience in an occupation that is highly desired in Canada could be a huge advantage so please make sure to make your research prior to your application process. If you want to make sure all the steps are as per requirements and to avoid any pitfalls in the legislation and document processing, you might consider a professional visa service provider.

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