Canada welcomes record number of immigrants

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According to information from the Canadian Government, the number of Immigrants that come to Canada is rising for a third consecutive year. There has bee a lot of changes that were introduced to the Canadian Immigration system in the last years.

The changes have been both praised and criticized. The Canadian Government has decided to cancel the applications of around 300 000 people due to backlog that has accumulated throughout the years. The applications for the Federal Skilled Workers Visa were cancelled until the system was revamped.

However, despite this, figures show 257,515 moved to Canada in 2012, a slight increase from the 248,751 who entered the country in the year before.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney touted the figures as proof of Canada’s commitment to its immigration program. He said that Canada is experiencing the hugest immigration levels in its whole history.

The current immigration numbers make Canada one of the most open countries in the world in terms of incoming immigrants per capita. The US, for example, has welcomed around 1 million immigrants in the same period, which represent around 0,46% of its entire population.

Canada’s 257,515 immigrants represent approximately double that. However, one immigration lawyer claims the credit for Canada’s admirable record on immigration should lie with the provincial governments and not at the federal level due to the FSWP’s moratorium on new applications and the increase in applications to provincial nominee programs.

A closer inspection in the numbers of incoming migrants reveals that most of them enter the country with the Provincial Nominee Programs rather than the Federal Skilled Worker or Sponsorship routes.

The current targets of the Federal Government are set at around 250 000 new immigrants per year. While the actual numbers are in line with the targets, some experts think that the Federal Government should be more active in attracting an adequate number of foreigners.

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