Canada will need more construction workers

The construction industry in Canada is presently suffering from severe shortage of construction workers. The Canadian construction industry association Build Force is estimating that there may be a shortfall of 250 000 workers in the next decade. The majority of those workers will be needed in order to replace the 210 000 employees who will retire in following 10 years.  BuldForce Canada has produced a report the residential construction sector will contract slightly in the period between 2013 and 2021. The non residential construction sector, however will grow significantly and will require more than 40 000 new jobs. The largest contributor for the growth will be the resource projects and particularly the mining construction in Labrador, Newfoundland, Northern Ontario and Saskatchewan. There will also be jobs created in Alberta and British Columbia as oil companies attempt to tap the oil sands, and there will be opportunities in infrastructure projects.

In addition to that there will be a lot of opportunities in commercial construction places such as Toronto, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Ontario. According to BuildForce Canada there are likely to be a lot of vacancies for various construction trades such as Boilermakers, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Construction estimators, Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics, Crane operators, Electricians, Ironworkers etc. Last year, a delegation from the provincial government of British Columbia travelled to Dublin to raise awareness of the opportunities in the construction industry in western Canada.

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