Canada will stop accepting applications for its Federal Skilled Worker Program and Federal Immigrant Investor Program

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From July 1, 2012, Canadian Immigration authorities will no longer accept applications for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Federal Immigrant Investor Program. This, however, will not apply for those who have obtained employer sponsorship and those who are applying for the PhD stream.

The Minister of Immigration for Canada Jason Kenney stated that the pause is part of the department’s efforts to reform the economic immigration system of the country. According to Kenney, the immigration ministry will relentlessly work over the next six months to create a faster and more flexible immigration system.

After the beginning of Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012, Kenney announced a set of changes to the Canadian Immigration Programs, some of which include:

  • Removing backlog of old Federal Skilled Worker Program applications;
  • Introducing improvements in the selection process of Federal Skilled Visa Workers
  • Creating a new Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Developing new application management system, in order to create a pool of workers, who are ready to start work immediately after they arrive in Canada
  • Introducing new changes in the business visa program in order to attract more investments in Canadian growth companies and to attract more innovative entrepreneurs.

The temporary pause in the processing of visa application will give the Canadian Ministry of Immigration time to implement the above-mentioned changes and to revise the selection criteria which it currently uses.

Mr Kenney thinks that the pause will not have any negative impact on the flow of workers into Canada since the immigration authorities are still continuing to process already received applications.

The Ministry of Immigration plans to start accepting new Federal Skilled Worker Program applications again from January 2013. The hold on the Federal Immigrant Investor Program will remain until further notice. The department will also consider whether or not it should introduce a new short-term Investor Visa Program, in order to enhance the economic growth in the country.

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they have used the money of the people now they refuse them to give visa is really very bad on the part of canada

Yes, excessive immigration, especially unskilled, uneducated and non native language speaking immigrants will ruin your country, as it has ruined mine. The PC brigade brainwash citizens by telling them that "cultural diversity" is enriching your society and boosting the economy, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Cultural diversity is great but eventually, what happens is YOUR culture get eroded away and it reaches the ridiculous point where patriotism is considered racist. A decision to allow immigration should ALWAYS be based on contributory potential of that person to the hosts economy through money, skill or such like. When you start basing immigration decisions on race/religion, you're headed for the rocks. That's where Europe's gone wrong.

Hi, Why so? I thought that there were plenty of spaces for engineers and doctors in Canada Regards,

They must stop immigration completely for next three years at least, thousand of immigrants who are doctors, professors and engineers from their home country are forced to do petty jobs. If the govt cannot give decent jobs to these intellectuals they have no right to keep on immigrating labour. Second the immigrants are slowly deteorating canada image in the world, as with such high rate of immigration can cause after few decades canada the land of blacks and brown people not white.

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