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Stay In A Unique Lodging While You Explore Canada

From coast to coast, Canada is full of wonders that can leave you astounded and can awaken your inner explorer. Canada has a massive stratum of wildlife and has vast and diverse geographical territory which makes it second-largest country. There are so many amazing places to visit in Canada. Each city from Ontario to Nunavut […]

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Almost one fifth of Canadians come from abroad

The results from a recent survey show that almost 20% per cent of the Canadian people are born outside the country and have become citizens by naturalization. This makes Canada the country with the highest percentage of immigrant citizens in the world. The National Household Survey was completed in 2011 by around 74% of the […]

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Prepare For Life in Canada

Moving abroad is quite big of a change, there is no doubt about that. Especially for those people, who have never left their home country for more than a week in order to go on vacation. So, life in a foreign land will most probably come as a shock to them. Certain things you did […]

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