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Planking it is…

I bet you have already heard of planking. No?! Here’s the story behind this fun activity… Planking is known as “playing dead” in South Korea, “on one’s belly” in France, “Extreme lying down” in Australasia, “facedowns” in USA and Ireland, and “planking” in Australia and New Zealand. Planking was first introduced by the comedian Tom […]

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Visit the world, sleep on couch

I recently travelled to Turkey and stayed at a friend’s apartment. When I first told him I was to visit Turkey, he said, “Hey, no need to couch surf, you can stay at my place anyway.” This was the first time I heard about Couch Surfing, and of course, I researched it right away. CS […]

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How can you benefit from health insurance while on the road?

These days, without a health insurance plan you will end up paying a lot of medical bills for illness or injury. Because of the increase in medical cost, everyone is trying to protect themselves by acquiring a medical insurance policy that suits them best. These insurance policies cover your medical emergencies, but have you ever […]

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