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Working in Australia – Another Happy Visafirst Client

Hi guys, my name is Adam Brook, I am 22 and I have started my new life in Australia! 1. Where did you live in the UK, and where do you live now? I lived in Halifax Yorkshire, and I now live in Albany, Western Australia. 2. Why did you want to live in Australia? […]

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Asian countries take measures against international trafic of people

Thirteen countries in the Asia Pacific region have declared their intention to better tackle the problem of illegal people smuggling across the borders. There will be tougher rules for criminal gangs and better search and rescue operations. The sweeping three-page declaration, issued after a day of meetings in Indonesia’s capital, came just weeks before elections […]

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State Sponsored Visa Granted for Derek in Melbourne!

Who are you? I’m Derek Doyle, this is my wife Catriona Doyle & our little boy Sam Doyle Ages: 35, 36, 2 What do you do? I’m a Manufacturing Engineer Where do you come from and where are you now? We travelled from Galway to Melbourne. Why did you want to live in Australia? We […]

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Successful State Sponsorship visa: Gary

You want to go to Australia, but still, you don’t know what it’s like and what to expect when you get over. Get some real-life experience from a client of ours who has recently moved down there. Meet Gary, who has settled in Australia on his skilled Migration Visa. Gary moved to Perth, Western Australia […]

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