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Who Wants to Eat Shrimp In Hawaii?

It has always been a dream of my families to go on a vacation to Hawaii. Last November we were fortunate enough to go to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. We spent most of our time on the north shore where we enjoyed the laid back and relaxed portion of the island. After relaxing in […]

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Why Do You Need a Visa for Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is considered one of the top hubs for backpackers for the Southeast Asian region. Getting there, however, usually requires a special type of visa which depends on your nationality, the amount of time you’d like to stay and the activities you’d like to partake in. Some countries are exempted from visa requirements if […]

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Traveling Is Part of My DNA, I Guess

Izabel Garabedyan is a lady whose Holy Bible is the ‘Lonely Planet’ guide, and who is dreaming to visit all countries in the world. She is the kind of person who always sees the positive side in things especially when it’s about traveling. Izabel is probably one of the very few persons I know who […]

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