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US green card lottery may meet its end

In 2013 the closing date for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program which is popularly known as the Green Card will close on 2 November. All people that are interested in participating in the lottery must submit their applications by then. It is required that all applications are made online. There are not any associated fees […]

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US Government will not affect immigration

According to a spokesman of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the current US government shutdown which continues in its second week will probably not affect significantly the operation of the Immigration authorities in the country. The reason for this is because the immigration officers receive most of their salaries from the processing fees […]

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Illegal Immigration in USA rises

The number of people, who illegally cross the US border is increasing again after it has dropped during the recession. The total number of immigrants living in this country unlawfully edged up from 11.3 million in 2009 to 11.7 million last year, with those from countries other than Mexico at an apparent all-time high, according […]

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How does the immigration affect salaries in USA

Immigration remains one of the most important issues that the Policymakers in the United States are facing. While the House of Representatives continues to study the issue, the Senate recently passed a bill, S.744, that can serve as a starting point for understanding what immigration reform could mean for American workers. How immigration affects the […]

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5 of the Most Classic West Coast Drives

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking the ultimate road trip, the western coast of the United States has some of the most scenic beauty the country has to offer. From the North to the South, you can soak in majestic mountains and pristine coastlines or take in some of the histories of the area. The […]

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