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Can I apply for a UK Working Holiday visa while in Italy?

The chat sessions would be very valuable for you, if you intend to travel around Europe and you need to obtain several Working Holiday visas. The client below wants to travel to Italy and the UK. She is from New Zealand, and it seems that she need s to go through a lot of planning […]

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I would like to apply for an Australian Working Holiday visa

Sounds like a simple request, right? Well actually it is, when you know what you are doing. The following customer is interested to become a Working Holidaymaker. In order to do so, he has to go through a quick chat with one of our representatives. The following chat is a fine example of how easy […]

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Apply for second Working Holiday Visa from Australia?

Another question we receive a lot – “Can I apply for a 2nd year Australian Working Holiday visa from Australia or do I need to go home?” The answer here is straightforward – yes, you can apply for your second Australian working holiday visa from both inside and outside of Australia. Usually you don’t need […]

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New Zealand Working holiday visa over 30

Is there a way to receive New Zealand Working Holiday Visa if you are over 30 years? The short answer is “No, you can’t.“. However that doesn’t necessary mean that you can’t go to New Zealand. Many people doesn’t realize that there are a lot more options to work in New Zealand except the Working […]

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Two australian WHV with dual nationality?

Another interesting question – if you have dual nationality can you get two Australian Working Holiday Visas with each of your nationality (Known as “double dip”)? The answer to this question is – no, you can’t. The only way of getting second year Australian working holiday visa is to meet the conditions of getting one […]

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Can I work more than 6 months?

“Can i work more than 6 months for one employer while on Working Holiday Visa in Australia?” We receive this question a lot. There are many situations when you need to stay for more than 6 months with your employer. Maybe even your employer want you for more. Whatever the reason is – you can […]

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