Why Choose Regional Australia?

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If you think of Regional Australia as a remote and isolated place, you are wrong!

The face of Regional Australia has been changed now. The sustainability and future of Australia rely on the development of regional areas.

Rural Australia is a home for more than a third of Australian populations and generates 2/3 of its net export from regional industries such as tourism, agriculture and manufacturing.

Major sectors of the national economy such as energy, resources and primary industries are based in regional Australia. More and more people are attracted by the healthier, safer and friendlier environment and lifestyle in rural areas. 7 million people of the Australian population, live outside state and territory capital cities.

What are the major benefits of choosing rural areas of Australia?

– Country people pay fewer taxes than city people do. The reason for this is because the income in rural areas is generally lower and there are a higher proportion of retired people.

– Housing is significantly less expensive in rural areas and it may vary from a typical country house to a city-style street frontage.

– There’re a lot of job vacancies in most of the rural areas in the country.

– Regional Australia is an option taken by many international students. There are numbers of educational institutions where you can take advantage of a great lifestyle, personalized university approach and additional opportunities for migration.

– If you think of getting a permanent residency while your studies are over or after you gain some work experience in regional Australia, you may claim extra points based on this.

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