Connecting Travel with Food: How to Become an International Chef

Becoming a chef is something like becoming an artist. There are hundreds of careers and options, but becoming a top chef is a challenge. You can become a career chef almost anywhere in the world, but there are many advantages to becoming a chef overseas.

Connecting Travel with Food-How to Become an International Chef

You don’t have to live in a country for long to gain the advantages of the career. There are both temporary and long-term chef jobs that you can get abroad. If you want to get ahead in the chef industry, try cooking in one of the following environments.

Temporary Work

Some chef jobs only last a few months, and these jobs are ideal for learning a variety of cooking styles and learning about traditional foods in other countries. You can learn a lot without having to apply for extended visas and deal with other complicated laws.

Cruise Ships: On a cruise ship, you have a chance to create some of the most elegant dishes in the world. Cruise ships turn food into art, so if you are looking to land a career in high-fashion foods, then a cruise ship is the ultimate training grounds.

Resorts: Resorts in the summer and winter abroad will deliver a wide variety of foods. Learn about cooking hearty foods in the winter and lighter fare in the summer. You can also learn a variety of cooking styles, from the fish and chips variety to high-class foods with the most expensive ingredients in the world.

Summer Camps: A summer camp is the best place to start out in cooking abroad. The venue is perfect for learning how to feed a crowd and the timing of dishes. You can learn much about catering and the business of saving money with the right ingredients when you work at a summer camp.

Long-term Careers

If you want something a little more long-term, you can try for a permanent cooking job. If possible, look to work in places where top chefs from that country work. Even if you have to take a lower position than your qualifications, it is worth it if you get to work with the top chefs in the world.

Linework: As a line chef, you will work in a typical restaurant kitchen. You can learn a variety of native foods as a line chef, as well as how to work in a large kitchen. None of the experience you get while working overseas will be wasted from a line position.

Own your own restaurant: You may also want to try opening your own restaurant in another country. Sell food from your native country, or branch out on your own. This choice is best for established chefs with several years of experience.

Food truck: A food truck is a low-cost investment that can help you learn how to sell food in another country. You can sell nearly anything off the back of a truck, and many famous chefs got their start as food-truck owners.

Benefits of Working in another Country

So why bother going to another country to study or experience? You can learn a lot more about different cooking styles when you move out of your comfort zone. You will get to experience a wide variety of cultures and cooking styles that are impossible to teach in a classroom.

You don’t become an international chef overnight. The best way to ensure success is to attend culinary school (at home or in another country) and try to work with top chefs from around the world. One day, you might just be one of the best chefs in the world.

About the author: This guest post was written by George Watts. He is a freelance writer who shares his food and lifestyle tips on various blogs.


Where do I get more info on becoming a traveling chef?

Hello to whom this may concern. My name is Dinesh Sris I live in Canada, Toronto. I Graduated at Humber College recently. As a youth I worked in couple known franchises each maximum 5 years. Looking to travel and work hands on with a chef to learn how to make dishes fresh. My goal is become a chef, taught by the a well known chef is my search. I am ready to learn and become a apprentice an chef is looking for.

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