Do I Need Savings to Stay in Australia

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“Do I have to have savings to stay in Australia” is what many working holidaymakers ask themselves.

You do need to bring money with you when going to Australia, even if you are on a working holiday visa and plan to work. Few are lucky to find jobs prior to or with their arrival, and few manage to get really well-paid jobs.

According to our latest survey, most backpackers needed about two months to find jobs as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth have significantly more job opportunities than other places. Thus, in order to avoid ruining your experience, make sure you have enough at least for the beginning.

But how much is enough? The amount of money you might need strongly depends on where you are, how long you are staying, how long it will take till you find a job, what lifestyle you are used to, etc.

According to the immigration rules, however, if you are going to Australia on a working holiday visa (1 year), the minimum amount you must have is 5,000 Australian Dollars, and if you are on a six-month tourist visa, you must have at least 6,900 Australian Dollars.

At the airport in Australia, the customs randomly check people entering the country, and if you don’t have a proof (bank statement, traveller’s check, cash) of the required amount, you are likely to be sent back home.

If you decide to risk and leave with very little money, you might have unplanned expenses or situations that could definitely spoil the fun.

In case you want to transfer money from the UK to Australia, check your bank’s fee, as TransferMate could transfer up to 15,000 Euros just for 10-15 Euros.

Also, research the area you are going to through Web sites like and These are good sources to find a job or cheap accommodation.


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