“Earth Did Her Best to be Beautiful”

You know that you are a citizen of the world when you have visited tons of places and still can’t name your favourite spot as you believe that Earth is beautiful wherever you go.

According to Izabel, “Favorite places are rather a function of your mood and condition in a certain moment, therefore I cannot name one.”

Being quite urban, Izabel loves legendary cities such as New York, Paris, Rome. However, picturesque villages like Radha di Chianti where people don’t know the meaning of “stress”, are also a quite fulfilling experience for her.

When Izabel travelled to South America, she was so absorbed by the new worlds that opened before her eyes, that she said she completely forgot vanity ever existed.

“I trekked on glaciers; Reached 5000m of altitude where only chewing coca leaves will help; Got hypnotized by the powerful Iguazu; Crossed a flood, bare feet at 6 AM, somewhere in Bolivia at 4 degrees Celcius; Lost reality in Salar de Uyuni; Smiled, when they were calling me Shakira; Did vertical climbing for the very first time in my life; Saw a true wildlife (flamingos… and I don’t know what the rest even were!)…And many more!”

Earth is beautiful, yes. But not only literally. It positively affects your being if you could just let it enter your soul for a bit.

Izabel here best described how she was feeling mindless when she returned from her trip, and what she went through emotionally from the moment she took off to South America to the moment she returned back to her routine:

“The very first days I was worried about work, still feeling ‘dressed up’ with a desk, a chair and a PC, you know how it is…The first day back at work, I couldn’t even logon to my Inbox. In between – contemplating surreal beauty, tasting freedom, drowning in adventures, even literally. At some stage, you end up like a Buddhist – just nothing in your mind but being ‘now’.”


You write so beautifully! This post makes me so travel sick, I can't believe I'm sitting in an office right now. This is a great reminder of what your true goals in life should be. Thanks for the great post and I look forward to reading more!

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