eMedicals for New Zealand Onshore Immigration Visa


If you apply for the New Zealand Skilled Migrant visa, you must complete a General Medical Certificate and a Chest X-Ray as part of your visa application. As of 31 March New Zealand, similarly to Australia and Canada, will introduce medicals for all onshore visa applicants.

A total of 72 medical clinics, 54 radiology clinics and 8 eight other clinics will offer such services.

All clinics across the country have been invited to join the onshore panel physician network. Being a part of this won’t cost any additional expenses to the clinics. EMedicals will replace the paper medical certificates onshore and the physicians will have to submit medical certificates and X-rays online now.

Stephen Dunstan, INZ General Manager said: “eMedical is a significant change to the way we process health information for our applicants,” “eMedical supports INZ’s move to online applications and provides a more secure and efficient process for submitting immigration medicals.”

Onshore visa applicants will be given a three-month transition period to submit paper medical certificates until 30 June.

It is considered that the Nz health checks for visa applicants are stringent but this is due to Government’s efforts to protect the public health on one side and on the other side to guarantee that the newcomers will not incur additional costs on health issues.

Usually, applicants with any of the following complaints might be denied a visa: dialysis, tuberculosis or severe haemophilia. There would be no increase in the cost of medical examinations.

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