Extraordinary Way to Explore Western Australia

“Sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride…”

Whether you are a native or a foreigner, the new way to explore Western Australia is equally appealing to all as you are taken on a trip…in a taxi.

The Extraordinary Taxi Ride service offers 11 different routes, and every one of them is completely unique. You can choose between “Vines, Forests and Beaches,” “Great Southern Explorer,” “Perth Lifestyle,” “Coast and Nature Spectacular,” “Ningaloo Reef Adventure,” and many more travel deals. A taxi literally picks you up and drives you around on the route you choose upfront. The trip lasts for days during which the cab driver makes sure you have fun and learn something new on the way.

The man whose mission is to provide an enjoyable and unforgettable ride is Doug Slater. He has been a taxi driver for over 11 years now, and he loves people and their travel stories.

Here are some facts about him:

· Doug was able to assist a passenger in his taxi, who had a mild heart attack, helping to save his life.

  • Doug thinks the Bungle Bungles are WA’s most extraordinary place because of the impressive landscapes, and especially the caves.
  • When asked what he loves most about WA, Doug said it’s his home town of Bunbury, because of its vibrant atmosphere and abundance of tourists.
  • Doug once picked up a passenger who had won at the casino and shared his winnings with him.
  • If chosen to be the driver for the Extraordinary Taxi Ride, Doug would be most excited about being able to promote WA as an extraordinary place and show his commitment to WA’s taxi industry.”

To learn more and/or sign up for a trip, visit www.extraordinarytaxiride.com.


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