Famous Destinations for Adventure Freaks

Every one of us wants to enjoy enthralling fun and adventure activities during our holidays and relax in the lap of nature. Of course, our mother earth is blessed with various magnificent places, which are highly acknowledged for their natural beauty, breathtaking landscape, rich flora and fauna. Furthermore, it is replete with plenty of adventurous destinations that grab the attention of the travellers who want to undertake exciting adventure sports.

Apart from the scenic beauty and peaceful ambience, tourists always look for adventure and thrill offered by certain destinations before deciding whether to visit them during the vacations or not. Well, there are many such places located around the world that can be visited by travellers who want to experience endless joy and fun. However, travelling to the splendid islands is always a great option. This is because it allows visitors to enjoy refreshing water activities and spend some quality time near the calm and clean sea.

Here is a list of famous islands located across the globe that the adventure freaks should consider for amazing international holiday destinations.

1. Bali:

Bali. Photo source: Flickr

Listed among the world’s best island, this destination is most preferred among the beach lovers. The place offers a diverse view of the landscape of hills, mountains, barren volcanic hillside, rugged coastline and sandy beaches. This beautiful island of God offers a chance of experiencing fascinating adventure activities such as mountain hiking, surfing, river rafting and many others. Further, the pleasant and favourable climatic condition of Bali makes it one of the best holiday places for the vacationers.

2. San Juan:

Plaza de San Juan
Plaza de San Juan. Photo source: Flickr

San Juan is a capital city of Puerto Rico Island and well-known for its water-related thrilling activities. The island offers a world-class scuba diving and surfing experience along with its appealing Puerto Rican culture. Additionally, the water waves of low intensity and various other tropical natural experiences contribute to making the place a more suitable option for the adventure seekers. The mixed Spanish and Latin American culture, ancient architecture, magnificent beaches and Spanish military forts are some of the major attractions of the place.

3. Kailua-Kona:

Kailua-Kona. Photo source: Flickr

Kailua-Kona is an island of Hawaii, United States (U.S.). It is an ideal holiday location for all those who are searching for a destination that is less crowded and offers riveting adventure activities.  Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy various water sports activities like swimming, picnicking, snorkelling and kayaking on the uncrowded beaches of the island. In addition to this, tourists can also enjoy other kinds of activities like discovering the arches and caves of the offshore coral reefs.

4. Thailand Islands:

Thailand Islands
Thailand Islands. Photo source: Flickr

People looking for exciting outdoor adventures can visit Thailand as the place has various exotic beaches and enchanting tourist spots. Thailand has several groups of islands both in the Andaman Sea and in the Gulf of Siam. All of them are coastal islands. Visiting any of the islands during the vacation will offer an unforgettable experience to the tourists.

Rising from the Andaman Sea, the amazing limestone stacks offer breathtaking views of the awe-inspiring landscapes. Also, climbing these stacks is one of the adventure activities that grab the attention of the travellers. . Some of the other interesting activities that can be enjoyed in this heavenly place include cave exploration, sea kayaking, exploring the rainforest and mountain climbing. It leaves visitors with a mesmerizing experience and lovely lifetime memories.

5. Solomon:

King Solomon Hotel, Honiara, Solomon Islands.
King Solomon Hotel, Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo source: Flickr

The Solomon Island is a hidden paradise of the Pacific comprising of approximately 992 islands. Scattered around the South Western Pacific lying to the east of Papua New Guinea, it is one of the world’s beautiful archipelagos loaded with a lot of smaller islands stunning sites. Dotted with various wonderful islands and beaches, the place is a perfect holiday destination for all those who want to take pleasure of water-related adventure activities.

Scuba diving and fishing are the famous sports enjoyed by both the locals and visitors. The island is also well-known for its exclusive Solomon Island resorts that offer a lifetime accommodation experience to its guests. An ideal Solomon Island resort accommodation like those offered by King Solomon Hotel in Honiara can enhance the fun and excitement of the vacationers visiting this exotic place.

If you want to take a break from the stressful and boring life, then planning an adventure holiday tour at an exotic location with your loved ones is actually a great idea. You can consider visiting any of the above mentioned divine islands and have unlimited fun. These places offer sample opportunities to enjoy interesting adventure activities, explore the untouched beauty of nature, taste delicious local cuisines and discover a unique culture.

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I have done river rafting twice in this year. It was really amaziang experience. Everyone should try at least once in lifetime.

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