Fiji 2013: Five Unique Attractions You Must See


Fiji is a romantic tropical paradise. The weather is beautiful year-round, and there is plenty of cultures to experience. Many couples and families travel to Fiji for a relaxing getaway.

Whether you’re travelling solo, with your significant other or with the whole family, there are plenty of things to do.

The following attractions are hidden gems that will make your experience truly unique by taking you off the tourist track and into the heart of authentic Fiji culture.

The Hibiscus Festival

Held in Suva every August, the Hibiscus Festival is Fiji’s oldest charity festival. It is managed by the Hibiscus Events Group Inc., which is predominantly run by member volunteers.

The festival features a lot of fun activities like Pacific arts and crafts, sports and traditional and contemporary dancing.

In the end, there is a beauty competition in which women from all around the country compete for the coveted “Miss Hibiscus” title.

If you’d like to experience the culture of Fiji at this once-a-year festival, make sure you book your flight to Fiji early so you can be there when it takes place.

A Traditional Fijian Village and School

Touring a traditional Fijian village will give you a taste of what life is like for the natives on a daily basis. It is vastly different from the life we are accustomed to living.

Fijians do not live as comfortably in terms of material possessions, yet they are so full of life and happiness.

A typical Fijian village has a school, a meeting house and a church. Some travellers will choose to stay in a Fijian village during their trip.

This works well if you are on a budget or if you’re looking to get the most authentic experience possible while in Fiji.

Fiji Museum

Located in the heart of Suva’s botanical gardens, the Fiji Museum is home to a remarkable collection of archaeological materials dating back 3,700 years, along with cultural objects over 100 years old that represent Fiji’s indigenous peoples and other settlers of the islands.

A variety of programs and activities are available to the general public throughout the year. When planning your Fiji holiday, contact the museum to find out what events are happening during your stay.

The Vorovoro Island Experience

Located to the north, this remote tropical paradise blurs the line between locals and travellers to bring you a uniquely authentic Fijian experience.

Visitors will have the opportunity to live and experience the local ways and customs while enjoying the incredible surroundings that the island has to offer.

You have the option to become part of the village, living there during the length of your stay, where you can enjoy the natural beauty, traditions and cuisine.

This tourism destination provides an off-the-beaten-path experience to travellers while also giving local Fijians education and mentorship opportunities to empower them as business owners in their communities.

Scuba Diving on Castaway Island

No trip to Fiji would be complete without a scuba diving adventure, and Castaway Island is one of the most beautiful resort islands in all of Fiji.

Full of colourful coral and abundant marine life, the waters are crystal clear and the golden sand is easy to sink your feet into.

If you’re not up for diving, go for a snorkel instead.

Treat yourself to lunch at the beachside restaurant, lie in the sun beneath the palm trees or enjoy a non-motorized water sport such as kayaking or windsurfing.

A worthwhile trip to Fiji will contain a good mix of popular tourist attractions, along with less-popular, truly authentic cultural experiences.

No matter where you are on the island, the people of Fiji are friendly and sure to welcome you with a warm “Bula!”

About the Author: Contributing writer Jane Harris is a travel agent who specializes in Fiji holidays. She recommends filling your itinerary with a good mix of touristy and authentic cultural activities to get the most out of your experience.

Image provided by Ridion Kiphart from Flickr’s Creative Commons


Fijian people are the nicest, humblest and kindest people I've met whilst travelling. I truly found Fiji to be more than the paradise holidaymakers seek but also a place where I could see myself living. It's sad about the politics, but my memories of Fiji will always be romanticised by the experience I had. Could I share a short video of my travels I made? Hope you like :)

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