Five Things That Make London So Iconic

red London bus

Every major city of the world has its own individual characteristics, and this heady combination of factors contributes to each location’s unique personality.

And while some cities are ultra-modern and others are steeped in history, only a handful are a combination of both.

One of them, London, is among the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, and it offers the visitor experience unlike any other.

Here are five reasons why the UK’s majestic capital is so iconic.

Red buses

The bright red buses of London have changed in appearance over the years, of course, but they remain sleek, welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

Most of them are double-deckers, so they can accommodate large numbers of passengers, and even though they can be rather crowded and uncomfortable at peak times, they remain a familiar feature of this wonderful city.

If you’re in town on a visit, be sure to ride the bus at least once.

Tower Bridge

There are plenty of incredible landmarks in London to choose from, of course, but TowerBridge has understandably become a symbol of the city itself.

If you think about all of the most famous bridges in the world, none of them is as unique in design like this one.

It may not be the oldest, the newest, the tallest or the widest, but it’s certainly the most recognisable. It’s located to the east of the city centre, and it is, to put it simply, a must-visit.

Black taxis

The traditional black cabs of London are among the most iconic of all vehicles of the world, and they can get you to any part of the city with a minimum of fuss.

Drivers have a hugely impressive knowledge of the roads, so wherever you want to go to won’t represent a problem to them.

The taxi is more expensive than the bus or underground railway will be, but it’s something you ought to experience at some point during your stay.

Trafalgar Square

Located in the very heart of the city, Trafalgar Square is always teeming with tourists and remains an awe-inspiring public space.

Overlooked by the magnificent Nelson’s Column, it provides the perfect meeting point for people to gather.

London is home to a large number of squares, many of which are rightly famous, but there’s something rather unique about this one, partly perhaps because it gives you a flavour of why Britain was such a powerful nation.

Trafalgar Square, London

River Thames

Almost every major city can boast a well-known river, of course, but there’s something quintessentially English about the Thames, and the growth of the city of London owed much to the presence of its beautiful waterway.

Many of the most famous landmarks in the city, such as the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament, are located close to the banks, and of course, a number of spectacular bridges straddle it.

If you’re on the tourist trail in the UK’s capital, the chances are you won’t be far away from the gently meandering waters of the Thames.

About the author: David Showell works for a Heathrow Airport car rental company and has always loved London.


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