Australia Is Heaven!

Olya Antonova, a senior marketing manager at in Ireland, had an opportunity to experience the Australian life firsthand. Thanks to her adventurous nature, in less than three months she managed to partake in countless breathtaking activities which turned into some of the best memories she’d ever had. No wonder she is now passionately recommending this trip of a life time to anyone.


Q: When did you visit Australia? Which places did you go to? What ‘fun’ activities did you take part in?

A: I was in Australia from June to August. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I surfed, sky dived and swam with sharks; visited Blue Mountains, vivid Sydney and the World Cup parties, and did hop on hop off tours as well as towers in Melbourne – Eureka and Sydney tower.

Q: What were some major differences between the Australian and Irish everyday life that impressed you the most? And, some similarities?

A: The difference is that Ozzies are very laid back and relaxed. Life spins around beach, sun, outdoor activities even in the winter. Everyone runs, jogs, treks, surfs and works out given the great climate.

Similarities – I would say – are, that both countries are very “green” aware. Both are amazingly clean and with great nature, and the people have habits of recycling, eating organic food and being very cautious about their carbon footprint.

Q: Did you have an extraordinary experience over there that you’d like to share?

A: Well, swimming with sharks was the craziest thing I have ever done. It is an experience of a life time- no nets, no protection, just being one with the nature (despite the mad adrenaline rush). I recommend it to everyone!!! Eating kangaroo and emu was also challenging.

Q: Finally, why is it worth visiting? Why would you recommend Irish people to go there? Why Australia?

A: OMG, where do I start from? It has everything- the beach, the desert, the parties, the forest, the mountains. There is always something going on, people are extremely social, so you can hit the bars on your own at anytime. It is safe and really easy and organized to get around. The economy is booming and there is no recession. There is work for everyone – all restaurants and bars are full all-week long. It is modern, edgy, diverse and multicultural. Everyone feels welcome and at home. It is on the other side of the planet, and at the same time has the best Europe and the States can offer. When I lived there during my first week, I was thinking, “no wonder everyone wants to immigrate here- it is heaven!”


Wow!! Looking forward to visit Australia.. No wonder my fellow citizen want to migrate in Australia.. nice blog!

Very nice article. Australia does have a lot of gems, some hidden and others like the coral reef and the beautiful weather - are quite obvious.

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