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We haven’t talked about a gap year in awhile now. And we love gap year! This is possibly the best time one can have in a lifetime, and you are to find out why. Imagine yourself pouring drinks on an expensive yacht while sailing around exotic islands, and getting paid over $3,000 per month. Or, maybe you see yourself as a ski instructor in the Alps, or maybe you’d prefer to teach English in Thailand or be a white-water rafting guide in New Zealand.

These all will bring some memorable experiences in your life especially since you are probably not going to be able to gain much when you start a full-time job and have a family. A gap year is a time after high-school or college when young people wonder which path to take further. The time after school is a confusing period for youngsters as now they have to make important decisions as to where they’d like to live, what they’d like to work, what kind of life they’d like to pursue.

During this period, young people are quite vulnerable and are likely to take steps that society, family or friends expect them to, rather than such that truly make them happy. So, instead of rushing into taking serious decisions at a moment when you feel insecure and unprepared, you can simply take advantage of a gap year job. These jobs will bring you some adventure and work discipline.

They will also enhance your social life and they will create valuable connections and relationships which later can play a significant role in your life. Not to mention you will have the chance to travel, see the world and get paid for it. Here are some popular gap year jobs among young graduates:

In Australia

Australia and New Zealand are probably two of the most popular gap year destinations – backpackers love these countries as they seem exotic, distant, economically stable, with beautiful nature, wide beaches, exotic animals, and loads of things to do and places to go.

The biggest advantage of all, however, is that people over there speak the world’s most popular language – English. Thus, young people do not need to stress out figuring out other foreign languages.

Work at a hotel or hostel

Having in mind that tourism is extremely developed in Australia, this is one of the best opportunities to meet people from all over the world, establish connections and friendships and learn about other cultures.

Fruit picking or farm work

This kind of job may not sound quite appealing at first, but it certainly is worth it if you like the beautiful and wild outback. You may be placed to work in a picturesque village in the outbacks where you will enjoy nature, animals, stress-free life and fruits.

Work at a restaurant or a bar

Again, these are great places to socialize, meet people, have fun and…free drinks.

On the road

Travel writer

How exciting it is to travel and report on new destinations, accommodation options, food and your own travel experiences. And even get paid for it. Here’s a Web site – – which is practically an online community of travellers who share their travelling adventures, write reviews of places and things to do, and create their own travel guides. The more a traveller’s guide is visited, the higher he gets paid.


Windsurfing instructor

If this is your passion and you are good at it – why don’t you teach others how to do it – in an exotic destination? If you don’t know how to windsurf, you can go through a course for windsurfing in Lefkas, Greece, which will make you a certified instructor. Here are a couple of useful websites:;;;


Tour driver in Asia

You get to drive people around from Silk Routes of Central Asia to the Sahara desert. You definitely have to go through a UK-based training programme, as you need to be qualified to take care of passengers and be well-acquainted with the area.

Of course, the list doesn’t finish here. If you are really interested in gaining experience from around the world, you can find multiple Web sites that offer jobs during a gap year.


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