Germany becomes the second most popular immigration destination in the world

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The last statistics from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that Germany is becoming one of the most popular immigration destinations. During 2014 it is only behind the United States. The OECD published a copy of its information leaflet Migration Policy Debates on 20th May 2014. It shows that Germany has moved from 9th most popular immigration destination in 2009 to 2nd most popular destination in 2014.

The United States still remains the most popular destination with more than 1 million immigrants coming every year. The most important contributor to this is the fact that the German economy has survived the global economic crisis which started in 2009 and the employment levels in the country have remained relatively.

The number of migrants rose by 38% to 400,000 in 2012. Germany is the largest country and the largest economy in the European Union.

Traditionally the government has been opposed to mass immigration, but during the last, it has changed its position. The reason for this is that its population is ageing and shrinking. This creates various economic problems such as shrinking productivity and deflations. According to the OECD, one in three people migrating within the EU goes to Germany.

Business news site Bloomberg, reports that the German workforce will shrink by 1.5m by 2020 without immigration leaving skills shortages which could cost the German economy dearly. According to Ernst & Young, skills shortages are already costing German business €31bn each year.

At the same time, however, Bloomberg reports that many German companies consider hiring abroad for too expensive. In addition to that, more than 30% of German companies think that sourcing employees from abroad are too complicated as well.

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