Traveling to Australia with Vanvisa Mahavichai

First time in a foreign country can prove quite challenging for most people. If you plan to stay for a while, you need to consider many factors – employment, a place to stay, social life, etc.

Vanvisa, or just Visa, is a traveller. She is from Thailand, however, she loves to travel and meet new people, so you can easily say she is a citizen of the world. Back in 2005, she went to Australia to take a study course and travel for a while. Visa was more than kind to share her experience in Australia, with me and all of you, by answering a few of my questions.

  • Svet: Hey, Visa, can you name 5 things you can’t imagine your stay in Australia without?
  • Visa: Can it be emotions, or qualities as well? I would have to say – a brave heart, patience, hope, friends, and money.
  • Svet: How did you finance your travel to Australia?
  • Visa: I’ve worked so long before I went to Australia. The trip from Thailand to Australia didn’t cost that much, so I was able to afford it. You just need to plan when and how much. I like to do it when I go with friends. I take full responsibly for planning, calculating the costs, etc.
  • Svet: Have you had any trouble finding accommodation? It can be hard to find a place to stay if you don’t know anyone.
  • Visa: Hmm yep, but I was lucky to meet nice people and we came to be friends, so it was OK. First, I stayed with Homestay for a month, then moved to live in the city and share accommodation with Indonesians and Thai people. Afterwards, I moved to live with Korean and Japanese people. It was an enriching experience, to get to know other cultures. It was a lot of fun too.
  • Svet: So many cultures, with their different ways… I can only imagine the things you’ve learned from your encounters. Tell me, did you have any problems with your employers in Australia?
  • Visa: I’ve worked there only part-time, so I had no problem with them. It was just a casual job. You work – you get paid.
  • Svet: Sounds fair enough :). In your past time, you must have been to a lot of interesting and unique places. Can you name on the place people definitely must visit, while in Australia?
  • Visa: Let me seeThe Opera House, Botanic Garden, Hyde Park, Bondi Beach, Darling Harbor, The Sydney Zoo and more. I can’t really name one single place.
  • Svet: And what about people there? What is your impression of them?
  • Visa: I think Aussies are pretty friendly and pretty kind. They help when we need and ask.
  • Svet: It’s really nice to know that you can turn to people in need of assistance. OK, my final question – Where are you at the moment?
  • Visa: Now, I’m back at home for a while :).

There is no place like home. Some people like visiting new places, some are in it just for the journey, however, all of us are happy when we are back at home. I hope this post makes a fine read for people willing to travel to Australia. If you like to share your experience, please write to me at You can also share your story on Facebook.

And Visa, thanks again for your time!


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