How Do I Open A Bank Account in Australia and New Zealand?

If you are planning on going to Australia or New Zealand, it’s recommended you open a bank account there  prior to leaving.

Opening an account upfront is necessary as employers require you to have one.This way also you won’t have to carry huge amounts of cash with you. If you wait to start an account after you arrive in Australia or New Zealand, you will lose time during which you won’t be able to start work.

When choosing a bank account in another country, you must be extremely cautious and read carefully the full list of terms and conditions. You then need to pay close attention to the monthly and maintenance fees, and whether the account can be opened by a non-resident.

Many consider ANZ one of the best bank accounts in Australia for travelers and backpackers. ANZ Access Advantage charges $5 a month, and you get unlimited ANZ transactions. ANZ Access Select, on the other hand, is $2 a month, and you can make 6 free electronic transactions.

The research for the right bank account is, however, time-consuming and you might find yourself completely lost in the many offers, conditions, etc. This is why we offer to book a bank account for you, before you even leave your country. Traveltowork will open an account in less than a week, and you will be ready to start work immediately once you get there.

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Definitely is a trustful organization and they can help you sorting out your bank account and transfers. Best thing to do is drop a short e-mail at, providing your tel number and they will get back to you with a specific solution for you case.

Just read the article, and i agree that we have to open bank account online before we reach or even plan to move New Zealand or Australia, but is there any online solution for that. What i see here is providing these facilities, so is trustable and can it avail me with proper immigration, banking, opening a bank accounting online, finance, loans, fund transfer etc. I am just about to send and email and ask them out. Well thanks for posting, i got what i searched for.

Need info on opening an ANZ account before I arrive in New Zealand. Thanks! June M Cope

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