How to open a UK bank account from Australia?

Apart from organising your visa, here at Visa First, we can help you open a bank account before you go to London. Your first week here can be quite challenging to say the least. We can assist you to open a bank account and make the transition smoother.


Hi, I have a trip planned to the uk leaving in august, i have my flight booked, insurance and a tier 5 youth mobility uk working visa already, im just interested, what is the easiest way to set up a bank account.. one that i can use everyday to access my money and also get paid into, im currently with the nab in australia, but i can change to whatever, just wondering whats best, for fees etc and transferring my aus dollars and accessing my money once im in the uk.. while im planning a europe trip as well.. cheers liam

Your blog is so very informative � keep up the good work!!!!

Hi there, Currently living in Australia and moving to the UK in 5 weeks, I would like to know how I go about opening a bank accout before I get there? Cheers, Jade

Hi, I was just wondering, me, my boyfriend and his friend will be travelling to london in exactly one month and we wanted to set up an English bank account each before we went. I was just wondering what the best way to go about this was and if there were any costs involved? Thanks Lisa

Hi there, I am an Australian living in New Zealand. I have just got my Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa and will be in UK in August and need to open a bank account. Can this be done?

I am hoping to leave for the uk for over a year's working holiday in the next few months. I have Permenant Residency here in Australia and have held a St George bank account for over 8 years here. I will need to open a uk bank account and know how difficult it is back there to do this. I live in ACT so please could you advise me of my next steps to get things underway. - Thank you. Kelly

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