Immigration will play crucial role in the upcoming EU elections

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The issue of the immigration policy of the various EU countries will play a crucial vote in the upcoming EU elections during the weekend. The Liberal immigration policies that were implemented by some European countries during the last decade are disliked by many European voters, which has led to the rise of different far-right anti-immigration parties such as the United Kingdom Independence Party led by Nigel Farage and the National Front in France led by Marine Le Pen.

Another reason for the rise of the fringe parties is that European citizens do not have the trust that the mainstream politicians can solve their problems. The trust has been eroded even in those countries, who have not gone through a significant economic recession, during the five-year slowdown that plagues the Eurozone economies.

The percentage of people, who think that they have not benefited from the European Union in Germany and France, traditionally among the most ‘pro-European’ EU members, distrust of the EU has risen from 36% and 41% respectively to 59% and 56%. Many reasons exist for the rising distrust in the European Union.

People are unhappy with the fact that the European Commission has too many powers and are afraid that this diminishes the democracy on national levels. In addition to that many people think that the rising internal immigration is destroying the social fabric of the national countries. Last but not least the raging economic recession which has started in 2009 has led to diminishing living standards in many EU countries.

All these parties oppose the free movement of people within the EU and also are sceptical of the benefits that EU membership confers on their own countries. At the same time however many centrists European politician think that immigration is not the cause, but the answer to many of the EU problems.

The reason for this is that the population of the union drastically decreases and brings with itself enormous economic and demographic challenges.

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