Increase of Business Visas From India to UK


There is a 12 percent increase of business visas from India to UK for the last 12 months.

This rise is for the period October 2013 – September 2014.

Bharat Joshi, a Deputy High Commissioner, said: “Ninety one per cent of applications seeking visas are approved and the rest are not, for various reasons, including lack of requisite documentation.”
There’s still a small number of ‘fraud’ visa applications but such applicants should know they might get a 10-year ban to go to the UK.

15.6 billion Pounds have been generated from the UK-India trade, including goods and services and it’s expected there will be a ‘good growth’ over and above these figures in the coming year.

Joshi also said that the scholarships provided by UK based universities for Indian students has risen by 50% and reached the unprecedented amount of 1.5 million pounds for the year 2014/2015 compared to the 2013/2014 period. These scholarships are used by under and post graduate students looking for courses in the UK.

He announced that more joint ventures between British and Indian companies would be a good thing for both countries.

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