International Money Transfer Services


Make it Easy, Fast and Secure

Transferring money abroad is always a delicate and very important step of your overseas trip. It has to be handled with attention to details, especially when the amount of money is significant. VisaFirst offers money transfer services which can ensure a safe transfer of your money to the desired destination by providing a hassle-free service.


We know how important it is to have enough funds when you need it. Usually, clients need their funds to be transferred in a very short time. That is why we process all transfers within 24-48h so you will have the money waiting for you in your desired bank account in no time.


Minimizing the fees and handling costs is always important to consider, especially when you know that you will be transferring funds regularly. The average backpacker travelling under the Australian Working Holiday Visa transfers funds over 6 times within the 12 months they spend in Australia. VisaFirst charges a flat fee of 15 EUR per transfer. You also have the option to sign up for an annual subscription for just 49 EUR. This service will allow you unlimited transfers for the next 12 months, regardless of how much and how often you transfer (there will only be a fee for your first transfer of 15 EUR and all the rest will be covered by the annual subscription fee).

Currencies and countries

VisaFirst can provide money transfer services, mainly to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA. In order to ensure maximum flexibility for our clients, there is no minimum amount required for the transfer to be processed. There is a dedicated agent who will handle your requests, answer all your queries and organize your money transfer in a timely manner.

Same account for your relatives

Your friends or relatives can also transfer funds to your account when you need it. Our money transfer agents will handle everything on behalf of you and your friends/ relatives, so your funds can hit your account as soon as possible. This way we provide more flexibility by saving you and your relatives’ money which normal banks charge to send and receive money.

Credit and Debit Card

Quick money transfer through a credit or debit card is available as a service after you have made your first money transfer. VisaFirst will confirm the amount you would like to transfer and directly deduct it from your card. On the same day, we will send the money to the account where you would like to receive the funds and you will have access to it within 24 hours.

Your bank charges more

In comparison with VisaFirst, banks will charge two separate fees for each transfer you make. Standard bank transfer fees amount to €15 per transfer to Australia, plus €12 receivership fee charged by the Australian bank, totalling €27 per transfer. With VisaFirst, you only pay one flat fee of €15 or even less, if you choose the annual subscription fee.

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