International students in Australia warned not to breach their visa conditions

a group of students

International students in Australia are being warned that they cannot just stop their course and begin to work full-time. Such actions will constitute a breach of visa rules and offenders might be asked to leave the country. The measures are necessary because according to statistics of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship increased number of foreign students are working full time with their student visas.

The conditions of the Australian student visa allow students to work only 40 hours per fortnight. The must remain enrolled in a full-time education course or else they will lose their visa rights. Many students initially do not intend to breach the visa rules but as soon as they find a well-paid job they extend the working hours beyond the allowed amount due to the financial pressure of their studies.

As soon as this happens most of them receive warning letters from their colleges and universities which say that they might be reported to the immigration authorities if the misconduct continues. In theory, students are permitted to temporarily break their studies for a semester or two, but this may happen only under very compassionate and compelling circumstances. Any other suspension of full-time studies might lead to a revocation of student visa.

Once a student visa is abolished due to misconduct its previous holder will be banned from applying for various types of visas while in Australia and is subject to a three year exclusion period (re-entry ban) that may affect his ability to be granted a further temporary visa.

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