76% of Would-be Irish Travellers Hopeful of Venturing Abroad in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc for thousands of Irish tourist’s 2020 holiday plans.

Despite this, according to a new survey conducted by Visa First, 76% of Irish travellers are hopeful that they will be able to fly abroad in 2020.

Furthermore, 78% of respondents stated that they would feel comfortable visiting other countries after the restrictions are removed.

The survey asked more than 400 Visa First customers (primarily working holidaymakers) for their views on how the COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to impact travel plans for the remainder of the year. 

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the survey found that 71% of respondents have cancelled their 2020 travel plans. Meanwhile, 23% said they had not yet cancelled their plans.

Going to other countries for leisure or work is a big part of Irish culture and millions of people travel too and from Irish airports each year.

The fact that so many Irish travellers have ambitions to travel abroad in 2020 – provided it is safe to do so – will no doubt be encouraging news for the travel industry as a whole.

The Government’s response

The survey also found that there was widespread support (97%) for the Government’s response to COVID-19 pandemic.

69% of respondents said they believed the Government have been excellent in their approach to the crisis; while 28% say they’ve been good but need to do more.

Meanwhile, survey respondents were also asked for their thoughts on how the public has responded to the pandemic.

75% said they believed the Irish public has responded well to the crisis, while 32% say that although most people are doing what they should, there’s still a portion who are not. Finally, 22% say the people’s response is just ‘ok’.

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