Finding Work in Australia

Earlier today I was on the phone with one of my colleagues and I got a list of the top 20 employers/recruitment agencies our clients find a job within Australia.

Working holidaymakers could really use this information to do research on available job placements.

People visiting Australia on a Working Holiday visa usually work every once in a while to supplement their travels around Australia.

In most occasions, such job placements can be found in farming, fruit picking, working as a bartender, or a waitress.

Of course, many other job placements are out there for the taking, so be sure to check out at least a few of the sites mentioned below. They might give you a good start Down Under.

Barbera PackersGoodwood Rd, Bundaberg, QLD 4670
Blue Collar
Face 2 Face
24/7 Nursing

The Australian tax year ends on the 30th of June and this is the time when you can lodge your tax return. You will have about 4 months before the deadline – 31st of October.

You will definitely need your final payslip from each employer as it contains the total amount you have earned and total tax paid. Be sure to always ask for your final payslip.

In case you miss such a document, Taxback can help you recover it. The document retrieval service is quite efficient as long term relationships have been established with all employers listed above.


It is usually not a remeureqint but some countries insist that you do have Travel Insurance that covers health. It's wise to have it, in case your luggage goes missing, you get robbed or fall sick or have an accident. So many things can go wrong! However, I would never advise getting your insurance through a Tour Operator or Travel Agent as they overcharge and make big profit. The same applies to Supermarket insurance. It can be convenient but is expensive. The cheapest insurance is through companies that are dedicated to Travel Insurance only. You usually find them advertising in Underground Trains.

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