Melbourne and Auckland are the Friendliest Cities in the World for 2014

Melbourne skyline

A new survey shows that Melbourne and Auckland are the friendliest cities in the world for 2014. Melbourne is called ‘the Australian capital of cool’ and ‘one of the classiest cities in the world’ and the people of Auckland are praised for their ‘wonderful sense of humour’ and attitude to life. Australia and New Zealand are named to be the best holiday destinations.

Melbourne is given special attention for its abundance of national parks, cuisine, cultural life and world-class arts scenes. Sydney is also ranked high (No 5) and noted a primary vacation hotspot.

Dublin is called a ‘vibrant city’ and takes No 6 in this survey, while no British city is considered particularly unfriendly. 

On the other side of the survey, we have big cities such as Paris, Moscow, Beijing and Johannesburg voted as unfriendly places to visit.

Two US cities appear on the friendly list – Savannah (Georgia) and Charleston (South Carolina).

Other cities ranked in the top 10 of friendly cities are Budapest, Seville, Cape Town, Siem Reap, Victoria (BC).

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