More H-1B visas for USA given to Indian citizens

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According to the US consulate in India, the number of H-type visas granted to Indian citizens increased by 16 000 during 2012, at the same time the number of L visas fell down slightly.

Most of the Indians apply for the H-1B visa. This kind of visa is given to graduates, who are

skilled in some kind of speciality education which is highly demanded on the US labour market. The largest part of those visas is given to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates.H-1B visas are initially issued for three-years after that they can be extended.

Successful applicants can bring their family members with them as w

ell. The US government has put a cap on the number of H-1b visas that can be issued per year. Maximum 65 000 visas can be granted to people with bachelor degrees.

This number could be extended with 15 000 if the candidates possess a masters degree.

There are two further categories of H-1B visas. H-1B2 is for Department of Defense employees and H-1B3 for fashion models.

Only well-known fashion models are likely to qualify for an H-1B3 visa.

Other types of H1 visas are the H-1C which is given to registered nurses.

The H-2A visa for seasonal agricultural workers, the H-2B for seasonal, non-agricultural workers and the H-3 for trainees, other than medical or academic trainees.

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