More Than 200 000 New Jobs in Canada for 2016


It could be easier to find your dream job in Canada.

Many people looking for a job abroad are considering Canada as one of the best options. There is a good reason for that having in mind that the Canadian economy is one of the leading globally. The country is heavily relying on its natural resources of oil, natural gas and ores. It is amongst the leading exporters worldwide. The local economy has very strong commodity ties with China and USA is its biggest export market. In 2016 there were 200 000 new jobs opened and only in December, there were 50 000. It is a clear sign of a strong economy and definitely the country will need support from abroad to fulfil these gaps in the workforce.

The government has a very strong program for immigrants and well-established visa program. Workforce development is under provincial jurisdiction. This way each province can handle its needs more properly. In the biggest cities, the opportunities are endless especially in thriving industries such as financial services, real estate, communications and others.

People considering a job in Canada will need a permanent residence permit or Canada work permit. In case you are 18-30 you can apply for Canadian working holiday visa. There are other visa options which you can check here.

There are plenty of options to look for a job in Canada. The government run its own portal where expats or immigrants can find a job offer. Before starting to look for one you should consider several details. Each province has different requirements and needs. One important thing is the language barrier for some provinces like Quebec you could be required to have some knowledge in French. Keep in mind that Canada has 2 official languages English and French. 85% of Canadians have a working knowledge of English and 30% in the French language.

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