Moving from the UK to Australia – What you need to know

Kangaroo - The Symbol of Australia

Changing the dreary weather conditions of England with its gale-force wind-swept beaches for the golden beaches of Australia with clear blue water and hot weather can seem like a no-brainer.

The outdoors lifestyle and beautiful scenery offered by Australia has meant that the number of people making the move from the UK to Australia has been a regular occurrence.

However, before you move Down Under, here are a few points on the most important things you need to know before going.


Having a healthy credit rating is important as you begin to start your new life abroad, although it is important to check with your card provider if your credit rating will follow you abroad. To check your credit rating go on to your bank’s website.

Research international credit cards which allow free cash withdrawals abroad or consult your bank in the UK who might be able to advise you or provide information on the services they offer in Australia.

Your credit rating and history can often be required as evidence when applying for your visa and therefore ensure that it is as healthy as possible.

Prepare a Budget

Prepare a budget and pay off any of your existing debts, making sure to arrive in Australia with money in your back pocket.

Moving to the other side of the world and setting up your new life will incur a heavy initial cost as you pay deposits on your accommodation, kit out your apartment or house and generally get settled, not forgetting the cost of a one-way airfare to Australia.


Investigate your visa options and begin preparing your application process earlier rather than later as some visas can take up to 2 years to be granted.

There are a variety of visas available for people moving to Australia permanently with the main categories being skilled independent migration, employer nomination scheme, business migration and retirement visas.


Whether you investigate housing or rental prices online or whilst on one of your scouting trips to Australia, make sure to check out the market thoroughly.

Try and contact fellow ex-pats, agents, friends, family or your new employer in Australia to find out where to buy or rent as well as the average prices for the area or city.

It can be difficult to get a feel for an area or city just by looking online as you will want to know useful information such as the nearest supermarket.

As an idea of the housing prices, the average housing price in 2012 across Australia’s eight capital cities which function at a sub-national level, was just under AU$520,000 according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Before moving from the UK to Australia, it goes without saying that you need to research your employment options as well as ensure that it is worth giving up your life in the UK and leaving your friends and family behind.

Moving to a new country, especially one that is on the other side of the world is not easy and will present challenges, but the more you prepare at the beginning, the easier it will be in the future.


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