Moving with Children Overseas After a Divorce

a boy moving into a new house

The mobility of modern society has given people much freedom after the unfortunate act of a divorce. Relocation sometimes becomes a necessity because of job opportunities and sadly, divorce.

Although things might not have turned out the way you hoped, you might experience a better future ahead of you.

This is a situation which often offers a problem concerning the fate of your children. Laws are different around the world, though in some cases it may be impossible to take a child outside the boundaries of a country without the consent of both parents.

Courts may rule this out in some cases, however, taking a child along with you without the permission of the other parent may be considered child abduction in the worst cases.

You may have primary custody of your kids and still suffer this if the law doesn’t permit it.

If you want to leave your country along with your kids, you should not make any assumptions. You need to be absolutely sure about the laws involving this particular situation.

The first thing you can do is ask for permission from the other parent if the law doesn’t state otherwise. You will save yourself both time and lots of legal headaches if things go this way.

The welfare of children should be the main focus of their parents and their efforts, so consider talking to your ex about moving your kids abroad.

They will obviously need to see them if the court has decided that is something they can do. A mutually beneficial agreement might be the key to a compromise for the good of your children.

Make sure your ex knows where your kids will be living if this is something you deem necessary. This will be a difficult time for both you and them as well as your children, so it must be done as gently as possible to avoid making things worse than they already are.

Let your ex know your kids will have good accommodation, schooling and other issues of importance to any parent and keep them updated on any information regarding your kids.

This will help ease the feeling of disconnection a single divorced parent can drown in as time goes by.

Share what your job goals may be with your ex so they will be aware of the children’s well being. Ensure them they will be well taken care of and they won’t suffer any loss.

Consider the following questions as you are planning your actions. What you do today will shape the future of your children and your ex in ways you cannot even imagine.

Everything you do will have a profound impact on their lives.

  • What is the motivation behind your move?

It is important to differentiate between your desire for a better life for your kids and the desire to remove yourself from the influence of your ex.

  • Are you prepared for such an undertaking?

Moving overseas requires a lot of preparations and research. You must be absolutely certain you can achieve by yourself that which two parents must do originally. It is a difficult task that needs serious treatment.

  • What effect will your divorce have on your kids and their other parent?

You will need to consider your kids and their desires before you do this, as they have a right to see their parent if they desire it.

This is a difficult, emotional time for everyone so you must do things in such a way that they do the least amount of damage in the long run for both you and your kids and ex.

Consider things carefully and act only when you’re ready and committed.


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