New 1-Year Australian Visa for Overseas Skilled Workers

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Australia considers introducing a new one-year visa to allow overseas employees working in the country for up to one year without applying for a 457 visa. The government wants to ensure the companies have more flexibility to hire the most talented people. This new visa is going to replace the existing subclass 400 visa, allowing skilled or special category people to stay and work for up to six months. Australian business was craving for a more relaxed visa regime to be able to hire professionals on short-term projects.

This new short-term mobility visa would mean that employers won’t be required to demonstrate efforts in trying to find Australians for this position as well as the applicants won’t be required to meet language and skills requirements.

This short-term mobility subclass visa would be valid for either three months or a year. Applicants would need an invitation from an Australian company for the shorter 3-month visa and a ‘statement of guarantee from the Australian company with the salary details, work conditions and duration of stay on it’ to qualify for the one-year visa.

The Sponsorship 457 visa, would be consolidated into a new “temporary skilled category’, while the permanent skilled program will be split into “permanent-independent” and “permanent-skilled” subclasses, consolidating the existing subclass 186 and 187 visas.

The independent subclass will be appropriate for highly skilled people to independently apply for Australian residency and it will replace the existing distinguished talent visa. While applicants for the permanent –skilled visa would need to prove they are filling a genuine vacancy on the local labour market.

A spokesman of the Australian Immigration said: “Competition for migrants amongst growth countries such as China and India, as well as our traditional competitors, will require that our skilled programs are no longer designed to passively receive migrants, but are designed to aggressively target ‘talented’ migrants in a highly competitive environment.”

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