New Immigration bill generates controversy in UK


The new immigration bill that was announced by the UK Home Secretary Theresa May has generated a large amount of controversy. The bill has united lawyers, doctors, unions and, astonishingly, the UK Independence Party in opposition. On 9 October the Mrs Theresa May announced the bill that will include various measures which will supposedly curb the growing illegal immigration.

Some of these include – Requirement of private landlords to check the immigration status of prospective tenants, Requirement that the National Health Service to charge foreign nationals for treatment and increased fines for people who enter in sham marriages with foreigners just to allow them to stay in the country.

According to the British Medical Association, the implementation of the rule that all doctors should check the legal immigration status of their patients may costs million of dollars. Dr Richard Vautrey of the BMA told The Daily Mirror newspaper that such plans could be ‘a bureaucratic nightmare’ Additional criticisms of the bill came from various law and civil rights groups, which claim that the limited rights to appeal in cases of deportation because of illegal immigration that the bill enforces will lead to decreased equality in front of the rule of law.

Even Nigel Farage who is the leader of the UK Independence Party criticized the bill which according to him goes against the principles of the libertarianism. He thinks that the requirement that fines should be imposed over doctors and landlord to check the immigration status of their patients and tenants basically transfers the duties of the Border Agency over them and is fundamentally wrong.

UK immigration office will introduce new application forms for many of its visa classes after 1dt October 2013. Most of the new forms are to be used for applications for most visa applications made in the UK under the UK’s five-tier points-based visa application system. From the UK Border Agency announced that they will allow applicants to use the old form for a short period of time that will end on 23 October 2013, after that only new forms will be accepted. The change in the application forms will be relevant for all visas that are from categories tier one, two, four and five.

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