New immigration rules in USA may change the demographics of the country

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The planned far-reaching immigration reform in the United States may lead to significant changes in the demographic structure of the country.

The trend of the explosive growth of the Hispanics that has overtaken the black and white population may be reversed as the leaders in Washington prepare one of the deepest reforms’ in the country’s immigration policy.

The outcome of the reform may produce a new wave of highly skilled immigrants from Indian and China that will alter the racial and ethnic fabric if US cities during the next generations.

The battles that rage on US political arena are largely focused on border control and whether or not to grant citizenship status on the 11 million illegal immigrants that are already living in the country.

During the current week the US senate will delve that will shift the pattern ward more, and more highly educated, immigrants with strong backgrounds in science and engineering.

Many are from China and India, but in the future, they may come from somewhere else.

The new proposal will eliminate more than 90 000 visas that are given to children and relatives to legal immigrants and will create more than 110 000 visas that are for people who are skilled in math and hard sciences.

New demographic changes due to an overhaul wouldn’t be immediate. If a 2013 immigration law passes, little would seem different for at least five to 10 years, experts say.

The growth of Latinos in the short term would still be large, considering that the majority of the 11 million people here illegally and an additional 4.5 million on waiting lists for green cards are primarily of Latino descent.

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