New immigration rules will speed up Australian visa applications

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The most significant recent change to the Australian immigration system is that it will largely become online-based using the new Skill Select internet service. Since the recent resource boom in Australia has caused severe labour shortages the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship implemented Skill Select to try and meet the rising labour needs of the Australian economy. Skill Select will hopefully allow for much faster visa processing, allowing ultimately for vacant working places to be filled quickly and easily

One of the main features of Skill Select is that applicants are allowed to register their interest in Australia by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). The Expression of Interest will contain information about their personal details, educational and professional experience of each applicant. Furthermore, all applicants will be requested to pass a Skill Assessment as part of their application.

The pass mark for the Skill Assessment has been reduced from 65 to 60, which makes it much easier for potential immigrants to qualify for an Australian visa in comparison to the rules of the old system. After submission, every applicant’s EOI will be automatically assessed and ranked alongside the EOIs of applicants who have a similar professional and educational background. Applicants with the highest scores will be invited to apply for an Australian visa. In order to prevent an unnecessary influx of workers into a certain field, there will be a limit imposed on each field.

Once the limit is reached, all future applicants will be deferred until the next year. Another important change under the new rules is that some visas will be reclassified:

  • The 175 visas will become the 189 visas.
  • The 176 visas will become the 190 visas.
  • The 475 visas will become the 489 visas.

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Yes Skill Select is the new online system and it is expected that it will improve the Australia immigration system.Expression of Interest is only a beginning step towards the visa application.It will be a news of interest for the people who are trying to apply for a visa from any Global Visas Resources company.

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