New recommendations are issued to Australian Working Holiday Makers

map of Australia

Australian department of immigration has issued new kind of travel advice for people who want to visit the country on a Working Holiday Visa. It is recommended that people who want to come to Australia take out travel insurance first so that they are protected against loss or theft of their personal belongings or any other incidents that may happen during their stay in Australia.

In addition to that, the Australian department of immigration and citizenship reminds all Working Holiday Makers that they are subject to the same workplace laws as the Australian citizens themselves. ‘These laws outline the basic entitlements you have as a worker in Australia. Make sure you read the information in your visa grant letter as it provides important information and contact details for any issues you might have,’ said a Department of Immigration and Border Protection (SIBP) spokesman.

Another recommendation of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship is that all Working Holiday Makers should ensure that they have enough money to cover their personal expenses in case they are not able to find a job quickly.

Therefore all visa holders should check the prices and the cost of living in Australia and compare it with their own country. At the same time, the Australian government has a ceiling on the 457 temporary visas. The removal of the ceiling will be of great benefit as it will allow Australian companies to cope with unplanned demand for qualified temporary workers from abroad.

Companies whose applications are approved after 14 February 2014 can lodge further 457 nomination applications after the number of nominations started on their applications are reached. The regulation has been changed and simplifies and simply states that a sponsorship expires on the end date of sponsorship approval.

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