New Straightforward Tourist and Business Visas to the UK

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The changes will come in effect in April 2015 and will affect all business and tourism visitors as well as sportspeople and entertainers visiting the UK. The number of visitor visa programs will be reduced from 15 to just 4.

People will be able to apply for the right visa type and they will be entitled to more type of activities on their visitor’s visa now. The basic entry requirements remain the same but the rules and the guidelines are being made clearer and simplified.

Thus, the UK Home office hopes it will give visa applicants more flexibility and will make visiting Britain simpler than ever. Visitors will be allowed to undertake a short incidental study up to 30 days (which is currently prohibited for tourist and business visitors).

The new visa rules are:

  • Visitor visa (standard)
  • Visitor visa (for marriage or partnership)
  • Visitor visa (for undertaking permitted paid engagements)
  • Visitor visa (for transiting the UK)

Those willing to enter the UK for a short study course will need to apply now for a new short-stay study route which will replace the existing student visitor visa.

As part of the above changes, the UK government is introducing exit checks that will give the immigration authorities an opportunity to determine who is compliant with their visa length.

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Theresa May, Home Secretary said: “Britain is open for business – our economy is growing and we are seeing record numbers of visitors flocking to the UK to see our historic sites and sample our vibrant and exciting culture.

But in a global market place, we must make sure we stay ahead of our competitors as we work to carry on attracting the business and leisure travellers who will help our economy grow further still.

These further reforms to the immigration system are part of our work to demonstrate to the rest of the world that Britain remains open for business and that visitors are always welcome in the UK, whether they come for leisure or work.”

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