New type of visa introduced in Australia

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The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has introduced a new plan whose aim is to simplify the Australian visa classification system and to draw clear distinction against work and business activities.

The Australian Government will reclassify the current eight types of visitor visas into five new ones. Furthermore, a short-term stay visa will be introduced. The Government intends to introduce the new changes on 23 March after they are approved by the Governor-General.

The new temporary subclass 400 visas will allow the visa holder to enter Australia on a temporary basis to perform short-term, non-ongoing and highly specialised work where the skills required are not otherwise readily available.

Such activities may include for example participation in cultural or social events. The allowed stay for this visa will range from six weeks to three months.

All applicants for the new type of visa must submit a paper application and be located outside Australia at the time they apply.

As part of the application process the applicants will be required to demonstrate:

  • the work or activity is short term, non-ongoing and highly specialized;
  • they have personal attributes or an employment background relevant to the proposed work or activity;
  • they have the support of the organization for which they will be working or which invited them to Australia;
  • they have funds to support themselves and accompanying family members while in Australia;
  • they will not study a course in Australia that leads to a formal qualification, and they meet health and character requirements.

The people who receive the new visa won’t be able to participate in different activities than those that are identified in their visa application.

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