New UK immigration rules will limit the possibilities of foreign spouses to obtain UK Visa

From July 9 this year, only people with income higher than 18 600 GBP per year will be able to sponsor their foreign spouses for a UK visa. The threshold will rise to 22 400 GBP if the couple has one child, and with 2,400 GBP for each additional child.

It will be expected that everyone, who brings people to the UK in order to create a family should be able to support himself financially and not rely on state benefits. This rule is another step with which the UK government tries to reduce immigration to the country, which is currently two times bigger than the government targets. The new rules are supposed to limit bogus marriages and to prevent immigrants from taking benefits from the UK taxpayer.

Furthermore, it is expected that those rules will limit the number of many sham marriages, which bring in UK people, who are not even able to speak English and who become a financial burden to UK social system. In addition to that, the residency requirements for foreign spouses, before they gain permanent residence, will be extended from two to five years.

British citizens or permanent residents, who want to bring their elderly non-EU relatives in the UK, will have to sign an undertaking that they are able to care about their relatives for at least five years without expecting financial support to the UK social system

The new rule is however not without its critics. Many human right organizations in the United Kingdom as well as the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, see them as restricting the immigrants right of family life.

They claim that the government is failing to make a distinction between people, who came with the intent to abuse the system and genuinely innocent immigrants. Furthermore, any income-based immigration assessment discriminates against women, elderly and disabled people as well as minority and ethnic groups. Statistical data has continuously demonstrated that the average wages of these groups are traditionally lower than those of the others.

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This just seems like it is going to increase the illegal immigrants the country has not including the European immigrants.

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